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Who We Are

Gwen Davidson is the Owner/Operator of the Napa, California based dog training business Canine Construction Company. She has enjoyed a very special relationship with dogs her entire life. The daughter of an outdoorsman, raised in Idaho, Gwen is very familiar with canine behavior and training. She remains forever grateful for the companionship, consolation, hunting, and protection services dogs have provided her and her family over many years.

Gwen’s admiration of the canine has lead her on a journey to help people learn to be better owner/handlers and dogs become better dogs. It has become her passion to teach people how to understand dogs and the way they perceive the world. Through comprehension and appreciation of pack hierarchy, stable leadership and sound training techniques, Gwen has been guiding dog owners by demonstrating the skills necessary to work through problem behaviors and shape their dog’s understanding of desirable behaviors.

Our Dog Training Beliefs

We believe unruly behaviors stem from the absence of stable leadership, proper hierarchy and the clear, consistent communication of expectations. The result is a dog’s complete lack of understanding of acceptable conduct, the major contributing factor to overcrowded populations of “difficult to place” animals in Shelters and rescues across the country.

We believe the framework for building a loyal family dog depends on the development of a solid bond and sound communication between the handler and the dog. This is accomplished through enlightened understanding of the canine mind and how they learn, clear and consistent expectations, constant instruction and the proper selection and use of training tools.

We believe dogs and handlers can enjoy the freedom of being off leash even under the heaviest of distractions.

We believe children raised with dogs learn empathy and compassion. If included in the training program, they develop a greater sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. Children who are raised with animals are more likely to demonstrate responsibility and maturity and are less likely to suffer from depression and self-destructive anxiety than children raised without pets.

It was Gwen's delight to have raised her own five children with dogs and cats, and now her grandchildren.