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Who We Are

Gwen Davidson is the Owner/Operator of the Napa, California based Canine Construction Professional Dog Training, established in 2006. The daughter of an outdoorsman, raised in Idaho, Gwen is uniquely familiar with canine behavior and training. She has enjoyed a lifetime of very special relationships with both pet and working/hunting line dogs. She remains forever grateful for the many years of joy, companionship, consolation, hunting, and protection services dogs have provided.

Admiration and fascination of the human-canine relationship has led her on a journey to guide other passionate dog enthusiasts on the quest to become better owners and handlers by demonstrating and teaching the skills necessary to communicate effectively with the family dog. Because her heart is for dogs and the people who love them, she derives a great deal of joy from meeting dog training and behavioral modification needs. Whether the goal is to learn to shape the new puppy or to work through problem behaviors in an older dog, Gwen can help.

Gwen is a member of:
CCPDT (Certification for Professional Dog Trainers)

APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

Our Dog Training Beliefs

We believe we are called to live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly. 

We believe dogs instinctively know how to live and love the way God intended and are therefore placed here to teach us. 

We believe every dog who comes into our lives brings new lessons for us to learn. Let’s promise ourselves and each other to always pay attention to what we are being taught. 

We believe that as a benefit of learning to communicate with our dogs, we build within ourselves a deeper empathy for those around us and a more refined ability to effectively communicate throughout our lifetimes. 

We believe canine behaviors whether desirable or otherwise, are developed from the foundation we establish from the first day we bring our new friend home. 

We believe calm, confident, stable leadership and proper hierarchy combine with patient, clear and consistent communication. This creates a strong, confident pack family and unshakable bonds between all members. 

We believe the absence of a safe, solid foundation, stable leadership and clear communication, results in a dog’s complete lack of understanding of acceptable versus unacceptable conduct. (This is the major contributing factor to overcrowded populations of “difficult to place” animals.)

We believe genuine communication, behavior modification coupled with consistent obedience training is what sets the framework for building an unconditional bond of love and trust with a loyal family dog. 

We believe enlightened understanding of canine body language and how the canine mind learns is key to having a great relationship for a lifetime. Teaching our furry family to understand us, is one of the most deeply rewarding endeavors a human can embark upon. 

We believe dogs learn as they live and therefore deserve the constant communication of our expectations through the provision of consistent, continuous, daily guidance. 

We believe the proper selection and implementation of individual training tools should meet the specific needs of each unique canine individual in order to aid in the proper development of his or her understanding. 

We believe that when handlers take a thoughtful and unrushed approach to training, dogs learn faster and their handlers can soon enjoy the freedom of being off leash even under the heaviest of distractions. 

We believe children raised with dogs learn empathy and compassion. If included in the training program, they develop better communication skills and a greater sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. 

(Studies show children raised with animals are more likely to demonstrate responsibility and maturity and are less likely to suffer from depression and self-destructive anxiety than children raised without pets.)