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Choosing a New Dog or Puppy

Choosing the right dogCongratulations on your decision to bring a new dog into your family! As part of our commitment to helping people and dogs find that state of blissful happiness together, we offer assistance selecting the perfect furry friend for your family. There are a vast number of considerations that need to be made as you embark upon this journey.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself as you begin the process of looking for the perfect canine additioN:

Will you be purchasing a puppy from a breeder?

  • Do you know how to determine which breed of dog is right for you?
  • Do you know how to determine if a breeder is a responsible one?
  • Does the breeder offer health testing?
  • Are you prepared for the time and training commitment that new puppies require?

Will you be purchasing a puppy from a rescue group?

  • Does the rescue have a true and accurate history on the dog?
  • Does the dog have a bite history?
  • Do you know how to tell if the dog has any behavioral issues?
  • Do you know how to correct typical behavior issues?
  • Are you prepared for the time and training commitment that rescue dogs need to be rehabilitated?

Have you considered your activity level and compared it to the activity level of the dog you are considering? Are you compatible?

Are you prepared to have this new family member for the next 8 to 15 years?

Are you financially prepared to provide food, veterinary services, various toys, supplies and training tools and adequate training and exercise for your dog throughout his lifetime?

If you are unsure about any of the questions above, we can help. We offer full selection services that include a 2-hour private, in-home session, designed to help you and your family determine how you would like your future dog to behave in your home and on the go. This evaluation of your home, pack dynamic and the role your dog will fill in the family is an important step in selecting the perfect dog. We evaluate the activity level of your family, age and energy of children and make suggestions for necessary lifestyle changes to prepare for a new dog. We will also make breed recommendations and/or provide temperament evaluations of prospective canine candidates.

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