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Obedience Training

“Obedience Training” differs from “Behavior Modification” as it pertains to explicit (precise, specific) behaviors. Through Obedience Training exercises, explicit behaviors are linked to unique sounds (command words) we make. An example of Obedience Trained behavior would be when the dog owner makes the unique sound “SIT”, it is linked to the dog’s specific action of putting his bottom on the ground. 

Basic Obedience Command Words/Behaviors:

  • “Come” – to return to you
  • “Heel” – to walk with you on a loose leash
  • “Place” or “Kennel” – to go to a designated location
  • “Sit” – to sit down
  • “Down” – to lay down
  • “Leave it” – to ignore something of interest
  • “Off” – to keep all four feet on the floor
  • “Out” – to release something from the mouth
  • “Quiet” – to refrain from unnecessary barking
  • “Wait” – to pause for a period of time We recommend in-home, private lessons initially, focusing on primary behavioral concerns and obedience goals.

We recommend in-home, private lessons initially, focusing on primary behavioral concerns and obedience goals. In one-on-one private training you will learn the skills necessary to communicate effectively with your dog as you guide the understanding of the basic command words associated with desired behaviors. 

We recommend following up your one-on-one lessons with group training sessions designed to “proof” learned behaviors under the pressure of distractions. In group classes you will strengthen your dog’s attention and understanding while exposing him or her to new environments and other growing, learning, balanced dogs. 

Dogs, just like their human counterparts, have different learning styles and learn at different paces. There are many factors which affect a dog’s ability to comprehend new concepts. These factors can include, but may not be limited to, age, energy level, breed, understanding and involvement of the handler and time invested for training, etc. We understand this, so to meet the individual needs of each client, Canine Construction Professional Dog Training offers a variety of Obedience Training package options and support.

Training Programs

Architecture and Design

This single 2-hour private, in-home session is a great place to start. Designed to help you and your family determine how you would like your dog to behave in your home and on the go, Architecture and Design is intended to help you set your expectations, which is the foundation of your unique training program. This evaluation of your home, pack dynamic and the role your dog fills in the family includes any "quick fix" information you need to remove frustrating behaviors and begin building successful habits with your dog. Learning simple lifestyle changes with a fun approach ensures enjoyment for everyone in this introductory course.

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Installing Footings

Choose between either one private, 2-hour session or three private, 1-hour sessions designed specifically for puppies starting training at 8 weeks of age through the completion of vaccinations (approximately 16 weeks of age). The best approach to starting your puppy’s training is to begin in your home environment free of distractions and disease. Proper puppy education helps to prevent potential undesirable behaviors and prepares you to lay the foundation for future training. 

 Our primary focus will be on those things we experience when we bring our new puppy home. We discuss developmental deadlines, household etiquette, proper socialization, bite inhibition and potty training. We will cover common diseases that can affect your puppy and how to protect him or her from potentially deadly exposure. Our goal is that every one of our puppy partners is a healthy, well adjusted, and socially friendly puppy. 

New puppy owners will learn: 

  • Proper socialization 
  • Selection of appropriate toys 
  • Desensitization 
  • Diet 
  • Basic grooming 
  • Proper leadership 
  • Crate training and housebreaking 
  • Verbal Marker System of learning
    • Motivators 
    • Markers 
    • Lures

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Foundation Formation

This desirable, elementary program is designed to take the client and their new puppy through Architecture and Design and Install Footings to the “Learning Phase” of Primary Obedience skills. You will teach your puppy the commands Come, Heel, Place, Kennel, Sit, Down, Leave It and Off. This pre-leash program will take place in the home, free from exposure to disease while puppy is not fully vaccinated.

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Setting the Framework

Our most popular Basic Obedience package is designed to take the client through Architecture and Design, Install Footings, and the “Learning Phase” of Basic Obedience Training. You will teach your puppy/dog the commands come, heel, place/kennel sit, down, leave it, off, out, quiet and wait. This ON-leash program will begin in the home, free from exposure to disease if puppy is not fully vaccinated. When your dog has been released by your veterinarian to explore the world, he or she will advance to the “proofing phase” of the training program. We will “proof” your puppy’s understanding of the Basic Commands under the pressure of real-world distractions in group training.

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This program is designed to meet the needs of the client with a dog that is six months of age or older when they commence their training program. We begin by first addressing challenges with communication and hierarchy. Undesirable behavioral issues such as pulling on the leash, jumping on you or other people and lunging at other dogs make it challenging to enjoy a relationship with your own furry companion. We bring together all the elements of Behavior Modification, Architecture and Design and Laying the Foundation. We immediately set to work demolishing unwanted behaviors and replacing them with desirable ones. A variety of tools, unique techniques and fun exercises are merged to develop clear channels of consistent communication. Genuine obedience training begins!

When the dog is ready, real-life distractions are incorporated into the training to compliment your new skills, making your dog stronger and more reliable. Group training is a critical component to attaining truly consistent obedience. Together, we will teach your dog to be an obedient and fun companion around even the heaviest distractions.

Basic Behavior Modification skills include potty training, addressing chewing, biting and/or nipping, lunging at or jumping on other dogs or people, digging, scratching at doors, proper house and car etiquette, and waiting at doors. Basic Obedience Training includes the commands, Come, Heel, Wait, Sit, Down, Place, Leave It, Off, Out and Quiet.

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Designed to Refined

Our most popular program is intended to take the client and their new addition from start to finish. We bring together Architecture and Design, Foundation Formation and the stages of obedience from Elementary through Advanced, off-leash control. Your dog will learn the basic commands Come, Heel, Wait, Sit, Down, Place, Kennel, Leave It, Off, Out and Quiet. We won’t stop there!!

The advanced level will include remote Sit and Down, off-leash and at a distance, Sit and Down in motion and advanced recalls and send outs. The on-leash portion of this program will begin in the home and advance to a variety of out and about venues, utilizing the tools and techniques best suited to you and your dog. Unlimited lifetime group instruction provides you with the opportunity to proof and maintain trained behaviors around typical distractions, friendly strangers and other dogs. Group training is a critical component to attaining truly reliable obedience off-leash. Together, we will teach your dog to be an obedient and fun companion around even the heaviest distractions.

Taking into account the amount of time necessary to achieve and maintain this level of control, we support you and your training throughout the lifetime of your dog.

In real life settings, we will teach you how to train your dog to:

  • Heel on a loose leash
  • Sit on command, in handler position
  • Remote site, off leash and at a distance
  • Down on command, next to you
  • Remote Down, off leash and at a distance
  • Place
  • Heel with automatic sit
  • Sit in motion
  • Down in motion
  • Send to create and/or place

If you stick to your training and do your homework, you and your dog will be prepared for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Certifications (CGC). The CGC is a sanctioned test of skills given by an independent proctor and is the first leg in the acquisition of obedience title certifications you can achieve with your dog. The CGC is considered a general baseline and prerequisite for dogs going into therapy or service work and is frequently a required certification for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

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Boot Camp or Boarding and Training Programs

These programs are designed to meet the needs of the client who faces various challenges making the training commitment necessary to attain the goals the client has for the dog.

We will take your dog and provide the basic level of obedience training in your stead. You will be incorporated in the training program in every stage along the way. Once the dog has completed the term of the desired program, the skills to maintain the training are transferred to you through Private, In-Home lessons, Out-and-About lessons and a lifetime of Unlimited Group Class instruction.

You have two options:
  • In Home Boot Camp: You drop your dog off in the morning and he/she is with a professional trainer throughout the day. Then you can pick up your dog at the end of the day.
  • Full Board and Train program: Your dog remains with us day and night until completion of the training. You are required to participate in at least one private training session per week during the training program. Due to the level of commitment we make to each dog we strictly limit the number of students to one at a time. Therefore, these programs need to be arranged well in advance.
  • Doggy Daily Walk and Train program: We will walk your dog for an hour focusing on a proper HEEL position. The commands SIT, DOWN and COME will be practiced while the dog is exercising and socializing.