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Our Services

Canine Training Services It is the desire of Canine Construction Company to encourage true understanding of dogs and the special place they hold in the lives of people. By working to inspire dog owners to strive toward the extraordinary potential within each dog, we hope to create a more harmonious balance between people and dogs in the community. If every dog were held to their individual potentials, and every dog owner took pride in the conduct of their dog, dogs would be welcome everywhere.

If your dog’s understanding of basic obedience commands is less than concrete, let us help you clarify. Together we will nail down a training program that is best for you and for your dog.

If your dog’s behavior is embarrassing, difficult to control or unpredictable, we can help you determine the reasons you are facing challenges and help you remodel your dog into the companion of your dreams.

If you are looking for help building your new puppy into the perfect dog, we see you through every phase from drawing the plans to laying the foundation to setting the framework and finishing. We can even provide help with additions such as fun pet tricks.

We begin your dog training program by first addressing behavioral issues that may be preventing you from enjoying a true bonded relationship with your dog. From there we work to demolish unwanted behaviors and replace them with more desirable ones. A variety of tools, techniques and exercises are merged to develop clear channels of consistent communication. Genuine obedience training begins! Real life distractions are soon incorporated into the training to compliment your new skills, making your dog stronger and more reliable on and off leash.

Our Services Include

  • Behavior Consultation
  • Obedience Training
  • Boarding and Training
  • New Dog Selection
  • Kids and K9s Handling and Bite Prevention
  • Waterfowl Hunting Training*
  • Upland Hunting Training*

*These programs are offered after dog and handler have mastered the skills in the Advanced Basic Obedience Program and the dog has been evaluated for an aptitude for the desired higher level training.