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Canine Training ServicesCanine Construction Professional Dog Training remains dedicated to providing exceptional service in canine behavioral analysis, behavior modification and obedience training. Our unique and gentle approach affords us the opportunity to begin a training program with puppies as young as eight weeks old. We pride ourselves on being different from mainstream training programs by first developing a system for learning and then shaping desired behaviors through that system. Once the system for learning is mastered, dogs can begin to learn any new behavior in a matter of minutes. The system lasts a lifetime.

By working to inspire dog owners to strive toward the extraordinary potential within each dog, we create a more harmonious balance between people and dogs in the home and in the community. If every dog were held to their highest individual potentials, and every dog owner took pride in the conduct of their dog, dogs would be welcome everywhere.

If your dog’s understanding of basic obedience commands is less than concrete, let us help you clarify. Together we will nail down a training program that is best for you and for your dog.

Building Better Dogs means we are committed to helping canine owner/handlers:

  • Develop clear communication
  • Design sound, individualized training plans
  • Demolish undesirable behanviors
  • Renovate relationships and mutual understanding through distinct communication skills
  • Construct well behaved dogs through consistent training and education programs
  • Form unshakable bonds between human and canine family members

Our Services Include

*These programs are offered after dog and handler have mastered the skills in the Advanced Basic Obedience Program and the dog has been evaluated for an aptitude for the desired higher level training.