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Behavior Modification

“Behavior Modification” differs from “Obedience Training” as it pertains to teaching behaviors that should be implicit (implied or understood). Examples of these kinds of behaviors are “don’t eliminate on my floor”, “don’t jump on my company”, “don’t eat my couch”. Behavior Modification is the shaping of common-sense good manners not necessarily associated with verbal communication.

Common Dog Behaviors Addressed Include

  • Leash pulling – “don’t drag me down the street”  
  • House Training – “don’t eliminate in my house” 
  • Counter surfing – “don’t steal my food”
  • Chewing – “don’t destroy my shoes” 
  • Play Biting – “don’t bite my hands” 
  • Jumping Up – “don’t jump on me or any of my family or friends” 
  • Excessive Barking – “don’t bark” 
  • Resource or Territory Aggression – “don’t control any of the territory or toys in my home” 
  • Separation Anxiety – “don’t flip out when I go out without you” 
  • Destructive Behaviors – “don’t tear up stuff” 
  • Leash Reactivity – “don’t act like an idiot when you see another dog” 
  • Fear Aggression – “don’t behave as though you would hurt something” 
  • Car Manners – “don’t jump around like a madman in my car” Chewing

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