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Kids and K9's: Handling Bite Prevention

Because we at Canine Construction Company have such a passion for raising children with the love of a dog, we offer a fun class for children to learn how to read, handle, train and even show their own dog. In this class children will learn…

  • To understand how dogs think and see the world
  • How to read basic canine body language, and distinguish different body postures and what they mean
  • How to identify friendly, well balanced dogs and the proper way to meet them
  • How to identify unfriendly dogs and avoid being bitten
  • How to use proper training and handling techniques to prevent their family dogs from jumping up or nipping
  • How to properly hold the leash and control the dog on a walk

We will also go over important rules for staying safe around unfamiliar or stray dogs. Owning a personal dog is not a prerequisite for this class, one of my dogs or an approved client dog will be provided to any child who wishes to participate in the class but does not own their own dog.

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